Your bed, now even more protected

We turn your bed into a safe place

The Virusan® range is made with an antibacterial and viral-reducing treatment. BI-OME® technology is able to protect the fabric from contamination by bacteria and viruses to keep your bedding clean and protected.

Durability and resistance to washing

It protects the bed from germs, providing a hygienic night’s sleep.

Wash resistant

Its treatment is permanent and maintains its effectiveness after successive washes.

BI-OME® Technology

It uses Devan Laboratories’ BI-OME® technology, scientifically tested and guaranteed.


It prevents the proliferation of bacteria, eliminating them, while reducing viral activity.


It prevents odours, giving the fresh feeling of freshly washed clothes.


Non-irritating to the skin as it does not contain metals (silver).

Keep your bed clean and protected

The bed is our ideal resting place, but it is also an ideal habitat for thousands of micro-organisms that cause a variety of diseases, from dermatological to respiratory.

Cleaning is the only tool that guarantees a healthy sleep, but as the mattress cannot be washed, it is necessary to protect it properly.

The new Virusan® range guarantees the hygiene of the bed throughout the night thanks to its antibacterial and viral-reducing treatment.

3 h

In the air

4 h

On copper

24 h

On cardboard

24 h

On fabrics

72 h

On plastic

72 h

On stainless steel

What you need to know about viruses on surfaces

One of the main modes of virus transmission is through contaminated surfaces.

Survival of Coronavirus on surfaces is between 3 hours and 3 days.

On fabrics, the virus remains active for 24 hours, during which time it can cause contact infection.

Our Virusan® products have undergone laboratory tests to prove their effectiveness.

  • According to ISO 18184:2019 – Determination of antiviral activity of textile products
  • Laboratory: MSL Solution Providers (UK)
  • Samples: treated fabrics before washing and after 30 washes at 40°
  • Time of treatment action: 2h

Proven effectiveness: Tested results according to ISO 18184:1999 standard

Before washing


After 30 washes


Quality guarantee

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