Thermo-regulating Range

Fight night sweats!

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While you sleep we regulate your temperature

The thermo-regulating technology interacts with our body by handling temperature changes during the night and maintaining a constant temperature while we sleep. Not too cold, not too hot. Always the right temperature adapted to the needs of your rest.

Everything you need to know
about the Thermo-regulating range

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Feeling of freshness

It handles temperature variations, creating a constant microclimate.

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Less sweat

It reduces body overheating, which reduces night sweats.

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Quality of rest

It improves the quality of rest.

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Outlast Technology

Developed by NASA, it is used in astronauts’ suits and its function is to control sudden temperature changes in space.

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Velfont applies Outlast® technology to cotton, achieving a unique, natural and innovative product.

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Intelligent fabric

It reacts to body temperature by handling its changes and providing an individualized comfort zone for each person.

About the VELFONT Thermo-regulating range

The Velfont Thermo-regulating products apply the most advanced technology developed by NASA to handle temperature and humidity changes that affect our body during the different phases of sleep and that are detrimental to our rest. This technology interacts with our body to provide a constant microclimate throughout the night. Not too cold, not too hot, always maintaining the right temperature, adapted to the personal needs of each type of rest.

The Outlast material printed on the fabric in the form of a mesh, distributes the particles that apply this technology more efficiently, interconnecting them with each other and intensifying their thermo-regulating effect, thus achieving greater efficiency. The thermo-regulating range facilitates a deeper, better quality and more efficient sleep even in summer. This range includes the following items: viscoelastic pillow, fitted sheet, quilted mattress protector, pillowcase and mattress protector.


A technology for NASA

Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature changes when exiting the spacecraft during space travel.

Velfont now applies this technology to manufacture a complete and exclusive range of intelligent bed linen, capable of self-regulating the temperature during sleep.


Who is it aimed at?

Thermo-regulating articles are particularly suitable for all types of materials used in mattresses today. Also in summer periods or for those who, due to their intense physical activity, have a special sensitivity to temperature and require optimal resting conditions for greater performance, such as sportsmen and women and in general all people who lead an active life.

In general, the thermo-regulating range is aimed at all those who are looking for a healthy rest, adapted to their personal temperature needs.

Enjoy the Viscoelastic rest equipment

The different types of foams, such as latex, viscoelastic or HR, currently used to make mattresses and pillows, help to increase the sensation of warmth during sleep because they are ergonomic materials that increase the surface area in contact with the skin.

The Velfont thermo-regulating range provides a substantial improvement in the quality of rest with this type of materials, allowing you to enjoy them in optimal conditions.

How does it interact with our body?

Through a continuous process of body heat distribution. The technology is applied to the fabric of the Thermo-regulating articles by means of microcapsules called Thermocules®, which absorb excess body heat.

The heat is distributed over the entire surface of the fabric and stored. When the body temperature decreases during the night and is cooler than the fabric temperature, the stored heat is released.

This process is repeated during the night, creating a microclimate adapted to the rest needs of each person.

Rest compatibility for different needs

The thermo-regulating technology provides a personal comfort zone, in an interactive process of absorption, distribution and restitution of body heat during rest.


This means that people with different thermal sensations can share the same bedding, and at the same time enjoy an individualized rest, adapted
to their thermal needs.

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