To sleep and dream among fine cotton

New Jersey (2)

Beautiful beds both inside and out

New Jersey is a collection made of 100% cotton jersey knitted fabric, designed for easy fitting and maintenance. Shades that complement each other, so you can create unique spaces, whatever your style.

Your bed, that magical place
to return to every night

COMFORT LOVER [ koɱ’fort ‘loβer ] Lover of things that make you feel “at home”, of clothes that make you feel so comfortable that you often don’t even remember them because you’re just… fine.

Little big everyday things that make a difference, because they are the essence of well-being and help us connect and find ourselves.

Forget about your mobile phone and your watch. A book, a chat or a cup of tea. When the world stays outside and your home becomes your universe and your refuge. The world stands still and time flows unhurriedly.

The New Jersey bed collection has been designed to enjoy those moments. It has been designed for you, the comfort lover, who seeks the balance and harmony that natural fabrics provide to dress yourself and your home.


Fabrics with a very soft touch that you feel like touching.


Simple tailoring that minimises seams.


Bed linen that make life easy (fitting, washing, crease-free).


Respect and affection for each and every product we make.


Select a part of the bed:


Collection of simple lines and casual style.

Essential, calm and timeless colors. Neutral tones, but with personality, very combinable with each other. With the New Jersey collection your bed can be as beautiful as you want it to be.

To create your own universe, surround yourself with colors that make you feel good.

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Zen Grey

Serenity, calm, silence, shhh…

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Graphite Grey

Authenticity, sobriety and elegance.

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Nordic Beige

Scandinavian aesthetics, the warmth of home.

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Earth Taupe

The essence of rest, neutral and sophisticated tones.

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Pure White

Minimalist or essential.


Bedding designed especially for you

To you, who value well-being, comfort, being at ease and are a lover of comfort, because we know that there is no place like home. If you are looking for an even more complete sleeping experience, combine the New Jersey bed with our usual Velfont® products: pillows, duvets and the whole range of mattress and pillow protection products.


Collection of simple lines and casual style

A collection that responds to today’s lifestyle, which values quality, comfort, beauty and responsible consumption. For this reason, the bed linen is made of elastic knitted fabric that makes it easy to put on the bed, provides a soft, breathable, very adaptable and wrinkle-free feel.

Quality guarantee

logo certificate Oeko

STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® Clases I y II

International eco-label for textile products free of substances harmful to health.