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All Velfont Acarsan® Natural range products incorporate a natural anti-dust mite treatment based on vegetable extracts that contributes to the rest of people suffering from dust mite allergy. Anti-dust mite treatment tested by independent laboratories, proving its permanent effectiveness and resistance to washing.

Do you know how the Anti-dust mite range works?

Here’s an explanation from our experts

Our Anti-dust mite solution



The Acarsan® Natural treatment acts directly against dust mites.


100% natural

No pesticides or chemical additives, as it is made with plant extracts from Margosa and Geraniol.


Scientifically tested

Endorsed by SEAIC and scientifically tested by independent laboratories.



It repels humidity, favouring the bedding’s hygiene



It retains its anti-dust mite properties after washing



The Acarsan® Natural treatment is 100% biodegradable

About the Acarsan® Natural range

All Velfont Acarsan® Natural range products incorporate a natural anti-dust mite treatment that contributes to the rest of people suffering from dust mite allergy. This anti-dust mite treatment has been tested by independent laboratories, proving its effectiveness.

Made from plant extracts from Margosa and Geraniol, this treatment is 100% natural and is suitable for all ages. The Margosa plant, cultivated in Southeast Asia, has been used as a treatment for allergies in traditional oriental medicine. Numerous studies have shown that this plant contains substances with pharmacological properties capable of repelling insect pests and micro-organisms.

Gerianol is extracted from geranium. The oil from this plant acts as a natural active ingredient with dermatological properties and cell regeneration capacity.

NOTE: It is not by chance that geraniums are one of the most popular and hardiest plants in nature. Geraniol, among other substances in the plant, prevents insects and germs from attacking it, which is why they are so hardy.

The Acarsan® Natural range includes the following anti-dust mite products: pillows, duvets, mattress covers and protectors, quilted mattress protectors, fitted sheets and pillowcases.


What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that are imperceptible to the naked eye and live mainly in warm (between 25Cº / 30Cº) and humid (60%-80%) habitats.

They feed on dead skin, oil particles and other substances released by our bodies when we sleep. This makes the mattress an ideal habitat for dust mites.


How do they affect us?

Dust mites generate waste, namely their faeces, which remain suspended in the air and which, when inhaled, are the cause of most allergies affecting the respiratory tract, asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and eczema. Some of the symptoms experienced by allergy sufferers are inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, itching and breathing difficulties.

Dust mite allergy is currently the most widespread allergy among the population. According to the Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Paediatric Asthma (SEICAP) between 70 and 80% of children living in coastal areas are allergic to dust mites.


Our advice

  • Use anti-dust mite products for your bed: Make sure they are made of breathable material, that they are certified and tested for their anti-allergen effect, have a permanent effect and are wash resistant.
  • Wash your bed linen frequently: Acarsan® Natural linen can be washed at temperatures up to 40°C and its effectiveness is wash resistant. If you do not use anti-dust mite bed linen, you will have to wash at a temperature of at least 60°C to eliminate dust mites, which is less sustainable as it represents higher energy consumption and greater deterioration of the bedding. And if you wash at low temperatures without treatment, you will temporarily remove the allergen, but the dust mites will survive and produce more allergens after a short period of time.
  • Ventilate your room daily, about 10 minutes is enough.
  • Clean the room regularly and if possible, remove carpets, rugs and thick curtains. In children’s rooms, pay special attention to soft toys, which are an ideal breeding ground for dust mites.

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