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How many times have you woken up with neck pain? Or have you spent the day with back pain?

Muscle aches and pains can have many different origins, but quality rest allows us to relax our muscles and give them the recovery time they need after a long day.

In addition to choosing the most suitable mattress for our needs, the pillow is the most personal product when it comes to rest and must be adapted to our specific characteristics in order to provide comfort and cosiness, but also health. Our range of pillows covers from high quality fiber pillows with the widest variety of firmnesses and finishes, to the most ergonomic viscoelastic fillings or natural materials such as latex.

Covers, protectors, quilted mattress protectors or toppers are just as important, providing protection and comfort to make sleeping a comforting experience and improving it considerably.

For example, the combination of mattress cover + quilted mattress protector or topper provides extra comfort thanks to its quilted filling. If you suffer from back problems, tend to sleep in bad postures or are looking for the feeling of a soft bed, this is the ideal choice, as it relieves pressure at the contact points between the body and the mattress while protecting it at the same time.

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