Rest is a fundamental pillar for our health. We spend a third of our life sleeping and it is essential that our sleeping equipment, and especially the mattress, meet the optimum conditions. As it cannot be washed, it is necessary to protect it properly.

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What type of protection are you looking for?

Rizo Bambú Babylon Pillowcase Rizo Bambú Babylon Pillowcase
Rizo Bambú Babylon Pillowcase
Pillowcase Ceylan Pillowcase Ceylan
Pillowcase Ceylan
ECO AQUA Pillowcase ECO AQUA Pillowcase
Planet Care
ECO AQUA Pillowcase
ECO BRISA Pillowcase ECO BRISA Pillowcase
Planet Care
ECO BRISA Pillowcase
ECO MARE Pillowcase ECO MARE Pillowcase
Planet Care
ECO MARE Pillowcase
  • The mattress covers completely envelop the mattress on all sides and guarantee its hygiene, as they protect it in an integral way.
  • Mattress protectors are very practical as they fit like a fitted sheet. For total protection, combine your mattress protector with a mattress cover.
  • The mattress pads or quilted protectors are easy to install and provide protection as well as extra comfort to your rest, thanks to their padding.
  • The mattress toppers provide maximum comfort thanks to their fiber or viscoelastic filling. They are adjusted to the mattress by the corners, with elastic bands.
  • Fitted sheets are the garment on which we rest. They protect the mattress and at the same time, thanks to their natural raw materials, allow our skin to breathe.
  • Pillow covers completely envelop the pillow thanks to their zipper and/or flap closure. They protect it and facilitate its maintenance.
ECO SFERA Pillowcase ECO SFERA Pillowcase
Planet Care
ECO SFERA Pillowcase
Plus Organic pillowcase Plus Organic pillowcase
Plus Organic pillowcase
Respira pillowcase Respira pillowcase
Respira pillowcase
Thermo-regulating Igloo Pillowcase Thermo-regulating Igloo Pillowcase
Thermo-regulating Igloo Pillowcase
Thermo-regulating pillowcase Frost Thermo-regulating pillowcase Frost
Thermo-regulating pillowcase Frost
Do you know how to protect your mattress?

At Velfont we are specialists in protecting your rest and we offer you a wide range of protection products to meet your needs.

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