Virusan pillowcase

Virusan pillowcase with 100% cotton knitted fabric


The Virusan pillowcase is made of 100% cotton knitted fabric with Virusan antibacterial and viral-reducing treatment. It guarantees the hygiene of the pillow, as it protects it integrally, keeping it in perfect condition for a longer period of time. It combines total protection against liquids and moisture with a high degree of breathability, allowing air to pass through.


It incorporates a zip for complete protection of the pillow.


The Virusan range inhibits the growth of bacteria in tissues and reduces the activity of enveloped viruses (coronaviruses) as it incorporates BIO-OME AV technology, the most rigorous and advanced technology on the market with proven efficacy against viruses and bacteria.


This pillowcase is ideal for people looking for an antibacterial and viral-reducing pillowcase.

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