Thermo-regulating quilted mattress protector Igloo

100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric quilted mattress protector

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The Velfont Thermo-regulating quilted mattress protector Igloo combines a 100% cotton natural filling with 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric, which applies the most advanced technology developed by NASA with the cotton fabric, obtaining an exclusive and unique product in the market. The thermo-regulating fabric works by absorbing, storing and releasing the heat we release, creating an individualized comfort zone. It provides a constant microclimate, not too cold, not too hot. This quilted mattress protector fits mattress lengths up to 200 cm and mattress heights up to 35 cm.


The Velfont Thermo-regulating quilted mattress protector Igloor is fitted with an elastic band around the entire perimeter of the mattress for perfect support during the night, preventing unwanted displacement. It also incorporates an outer trim for a better finish. This quilted mattress protector increases comfort by relieving pressure on the points of contact with our body and achieving a better rest thanks to its 100% cotton filling, which in addition to being natural, acts as a thermal insulator. All Velfont quilted mattress protectors favour the air circulation inside the mattress, eliminating the humidity that may accumulate and allowing the correct transpiration.


This quilted mattress protector is ideal for heat-sensitive people.

Ideal for

I sweat a lot in bed