Thermo-regulating Igloo Pillowcase

100% cotton Thermo-regulating pillowcase

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The Velfont Igloo Thermo-regulating pillowcase is made with 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric, which applies to cotton the most advanced technology developed by NASA, obtaining an exclusive and unique product in the market. The thermo-regulating fabric works by absorbing, storing and releasing the heat we release, creating an individualized comfort zone. It provides a constant microclimate, not too cold, not too hot. It also offers extra comfort thanks to its padding.

Velfont pillowcases guarantee a total hygiene of the pillow, protecting it completely and keeping it intact for a longer period of time thanks to its zipper closure.

This pillowcase is ideal for people who suffer from temperature changes during the night.





Fabric: 100% Outlast cotton
Filling: 100% cotton

Top wash conditions