Rizo Bambú Babylon Mattress protector

Waterproof and Breathable Mattress protector with bamboo fabric


The Velfont Bamboo Babylon protector is made with 100% bamboo terry towelling with maximum absorption, softness and freshness. It is also highly waterproof and breathable thanks to the Neotherm® membrane. This membrane allows sweat to evaporate more easily for a comfortable, sweat-free sleep. Bamboo is the most regenerative plant on the planet and is therefore an ecological and sustainable resource. It also provides a high level of moisture absorption (up to 6 times more than cotton).

The Bamboo Babylon mattress protector is fitted with an elastic around the entire perimeter of the mattress for perfect support during the night to prevent unwanted displacement and fits mattress lengths up to 200 cm and mattress heights up to 35 cm. The Bamboo Babylon mattress protector is made of high quality, breathable and highly absorbent fabric which, at the same time, will protect your mattress against dust mites as the laminate acts as a physical barrier preventing them from penetrating the mattress.

This protector is ideal for people looking for maximum absorption, freshness and waterproofness.





Fabric: 80% bamboo viscose – 20% polyester
membrane: 100% polyurethane

Washing conditions