Innovation is our force for change

Anticipating consumer needs is our greatest asset


Innovation as an essential pillar

Since the beginning of the Velfont brand, our main objective has been to offer a complete range of products under the highest quality standards. To this end, we integrate the most innovative technologies available throughout our production process, from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture of the final product.

By controlling the production process from start to finish we can incorporate innovation at any stage of production, enabling us to deliver different products with greater consumer benefits quickly. We work continuously in the generation of ideas and new concepts that cover multiple areas such as raw materials, fabrics, finishes, clothing, treatments, products or packaging, all of which are channelled through a multidisciplinary Innovation Committee.

In fact, innovation is the soul of the brand, the engine of change that has driven us forward in our more than 50 years of history. What started with the launch of a mattress cover, a mattress protector, a pillow or a duvet, has now become the integral care of your rest.



In recent years, the search for more sustainable solutions has been at the heart of our innovation strategy.

We work on the identification of new materials and sources of supply, but above all on the development of innovative solutions to ensure that the environmental impact of our products is kept to a minimum.

We are simultaneously implementing multiple projects to ensure a healthy and sustainable rest, both for you and for the planet. Velfont Rest, Sustainable Rest.


Innovation and technology

We dream of continually bringing more value to your rest. We invest in research and development of new technologies to offer you better and more personalized products that meet your specific sleep needs.

Some examples are our Thermo-regulating range, developed in collaboration with Outlast® (official supplier of equipment for NASA), or our Anti-dust mite range with Acarsan Natural treatment scientifically endorsed by the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology.


Quality guarantee


Products and raw materials

To ensure maximum transparency regarding the origin and traceability of the chain of custody, we require all our raw materials to be certified.

Certifications are a guarantee of their properties and provenance, and ensure that all our suppliers show the same respect for the planet as we do. This is our way of ensuring that Velamen’s sustainability principles are applied from the origin to the end of the chain.

Main certifications: