50 years looking after your rest

We specialise in protection products and textile bedding accessories


Improving the quality of your sleep is our priority

We were born with the intention of improving people’s rest. How? Offering a product for every need. Our catalogue of products is designed to accompany the whole family in their rest, from the youngest to the oldest. We know that our rest is unique, that’s why we have different product ranges that provide specific solutions to every need.

We believe in the powerful combination of tradition and innovation. On the one hand, we bring the experience acquired over more than 50 years, maintaining our passion for doing things well and developing products that are a benchmark in their category in the market, selecting the best raw materials and producing to the highest quality standards. On the other hand, we are continually committed to innovation by incorporating the most advanced textile technology, which allows us to anticipate consumer needs with better and more innovative products.

We understand rest as a fundamental pillar for our well-being and, therefore, for a healthier lifestyle. In 2021 we have celebrated our 50th anniversary, being a reference in the category of rest and, specifically, in bed protection products with the widest range on the market.


We want to go further

Our aim is to provide healthy, quality rest through excellence in everything we do, but always taking into account the social, environmental and economic impact on our society and our planet.

For this reason, our sustainable soul drives us to promote and enhance sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process:

We rely on natural raw materials that are untreated (free of solvents and other chemical agents), renewable and recycled

We manufacture locally (all Velfont products are Kilometre 0) and this allows us to ensure the quality of our products from start to finish, as well as the monitoring of our values throughout the production chain.

We work to reduce the environmental impact of all our processes

We reinvent our packaging to reduce plastic use and minimise waste

We are endorsed by independent international organisations that certify our social and environmental performance

If you want to know more, check our Planet Care by Velfont commitment

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50 years of history

Founding of VELAMEN S.A.
Birth of the VELFONT® brand and launch of the 1st Mattress Cover and the 1st Pillow Cover
Launch of the 1st Pillow and the 1st Duvet
Launch of the 1st waterproof and breathable Mattress Protector in Spain
1st Automation of the Duvet Production Line
Launch of the 100% cotton filled Quilted Mattress Protector “Max Cotton”
Launch of the Anti-dust mite Range
Achievement of the OEKOTEX Quality Certification
Launch of the Outlast® Thermo-regulating Range
Launch of the 1st Bamboo viscose fabric garments
Start of the Internationalisation process
Launch of the Respira range
2nd automation Nordic Production Line
Automation Production Line Protectors
Obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (Quality Management System).
Obtaining ISO 14001:2015 Certificate (Environmental Management)


Velfont in the world


Continents covered
by Velfont


Countries covered
by Velfont


Million garments

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  • Table protector by the meter
  • Denver Color duvet
  • Denver Eco duvet
  • Viscosuave Extra pillow
  • Basic square cushion
  • Anti-dust mite Berlin duvet
  • Suave square cushion
  • Premium square cushion
  • Nordicolor duvet
  • Verona duvet
  • Eco Stela pillow
  • Eco Calma quilted mattress protector
  • Genova duvet
  • Latex Natura pillow
  • Viscosand pillow
  • Micro-duvet pillow
  • Siena duvet
  • Cotton Natura pillow
  • Virusan duvet
  • Aloe Vera duvet
  • Ordino 90% duvet
  • Aspen 95% duvet
  • Table protector
  • Titan pillow
  • Viscofresh pillow
  • Thermo-regulating quilted mattress protector
  • Viscobamboo pillow
  • Virusan pillow
  • Bamboo pillow
  • Cadí Pillow
  • Teide Pillow
  • Top Wool quilted mattress protector
  • Lia pillow
  • Plus Organic pillowcase
  • Plus Organic mattress protector
  • Viscoaire pillow
  • Viscoluna pillow
  • Viscosuave pillow
  • Eco Terra duvet
  • Viscoblue pillow
  • 3-layer Thermo-regulating mattress protector
  • 3-layer Alma mattress protector
  • Respira Waterproof cot fitted sheet
  • Respira Waterproof fitted sheet
  • New Jersey fitted sheet
  • Savia Tencel mattress protector
  • Breathable and Waterproof Terry Towelling mattress protector
  • Waterproof Aloe Vera Terry Towelling mattress protector
  • Virusan mattress protector
  • Knitted Cotton Mattress protector
  • Anti-dust mite pillow
  • Duende cot pillow with double cover
  • Acarsan pillow
  • Dalia pillow
  • Aloe Vera pillow
  • Duende pillow
  • Anti-dust mite quilted mattress protector
  • Royal pillow
  • Atlas pillow
  • Waterproof Anti-dust mite mattress protector
  • Waterproof Anti-dust mite mattress cover
  • Virusan pillowcase
  • New Jersey pillowcase
  • Striped Satin pillowcase
  • Roma bielastic sofa cover
  • New Jersey duvet cover
  • Reversible Terry Pad Quilted mattress protector
  • Niza Mattress cover
  • Striped Satin mattress cover
  • Waterproof Aloe Vera Microfiber Quilted mattress protector
  • Striped Satin cot mattress cover
  • Atenea mattress cover
  • Respira pillowcase
  • Max Cotton quilted mattress protector
  • Knitted cotton pillowcase
  • Basic Reversible Quilted mattress protector
  • Basic Waterproof Quilted mattress protector
  • Viscoplus Viscoelastic Mattress Topper
  • Reversible Aloe Vera Microfiber Quilted mattress protector
  • Breathable Terry Towelling cot mattress protector
  • Anti-dust mite pillowcase
  • Anti-dust mite duvet
  • Waterproof Bamboo Fitted sheet
  • Bamboo pillowcase
  • Visconube Anti-dust mite Pillow
  • Waterproof 3-layer Bamboo mattress protector
  • Anti-dust mite cot fitted sheet
  • Anti-bedbug mattress cover
  • Anti-dust mite cot mattress cover
  • Padua mattress cover
  • Thermo-regulating fitted sheet
  • Thermo-regulating pillowcase
  • Anti-dust mite Terry Mattress protector
  • Anti-dust mite fitted sheet
  • Anti-dust mite cot pillow with cover
  • Viscobebé Anti-dust mite cot pillow
  • Anti-dust mite cot duvet
  • Elastic Terry Mattress cover
  • Microfiber mattress cover
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