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Natural and organic products for a healthy lifestyle

Natursan® is a new concept designed and conceived to meet the demand for natural products. It responds to everyone’s growing awareness of the need to take care of the environment from which natural raw materials come in order to continue to enjoy their benefits in a responsible way.

Do you know how we make
the Natursan® range?

The products in this range are made from renewable raw materials, which means that they are able to regenerate at a faster rate than they are consumed. This fact allows us to make responsible use of all the benefits they bring us, without jeopardising their continuity. In addition, to close the loop, we also ensure that their procurement process is equally sustainable.

This new range of articles is linked to a responsible and environmentally committed lifestyle. That is why we also consider the sustainability of the product packaging, making the bags with cotton cloth so that they can be reused and have a second life.

The benefits of responsible production

We put the planet to rest too

Sustainability and respect for the planet have always been in our DNA. Demanding from the procurement of raw materials to the definition of the packaging and wrapping, we deliver all the products of the Natursan range with bags made of cotton canvas, reusable as travel or storage bags.

Find out more about our sustainable initiatives on our Sustainability page.

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