Test: Find your ideal pillow

What position do you sleep in?

I normally sleep on my back

I usually sleep on my stomach

I am most comfortable sleeping on my side

What is your stature?

I have a large stature

I have a medium stature

I have a small stature

What type of pillow filling do you prefer?

I need a memory foam pillow to be able to sleep properly

I prefer pillows with a fiber filling

I would rather have a pillow with a latex filling

I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it

Do you want your pillow to be made with a natural outer fabric?

Yes, I want the outer fabric to be natural

I would like it to be natural, but it is not crucial

I don’t mind

Do you need your pillow to have a removable double cover?

Yes, that is a must

It doesn’t necessarily have to have a double cover

I don’t mind

Are you looking for protection from dust mites?

Yes, because I have an allergy or, although I am not allergic, I want to be protected from dust mites

No, it’s not a priority

I don’t mind / I haven’t really thought about it

Do you wake up in the night feeling extremely hot or cold?

Yes, often

No, I have no trouble sleeping

I don’t know. I haven’t noticed

Is the price a deciding factor in your purchase choice?

Yes, I want the ideal pillow at the best price

No, I don’t mind spending a bit more to get the best bed equipment

I don’t mind / I haven’t really thought about it