We want the planet to rest too

We work on concrete actions with a real impact

Committed to our environment

Respect for the planet and our social environment is part of our DNA. Aware of the potential impact of our activity, it is up to us to try to reverse this impact and thus benefit our environment.


Sustainability as a driver of Innovation

Innovation identifies us as a brand, and today we focus our R&D on a better planet. Over the last few years, our innovation efforts have pursued a clear goal: to contribute to creating a healthier and more sustainable world, starting with one of the basic pillars for people: rest.


We work on the development and search for innovative solutions that are more respectful of the environment so that the Planet can also rest. In short, for Velfont Rest to be a Sustainable Rest

Planet Care by Velfont:

Sustainable Commitment 2022

In a process of change, we are moving forward to reduce our ecological impact and offer you a complete range of more sustainable sleep products. Planet Care by Velfont includes our Sustainable Commitment 2022, as a socially and environmentally responsible company.



of our products
will be more sustainable than
today by 2023


of our fiber intake
will be of recycled origin (98%
already achieved in 2020, which
represents more than 1 Million
Kg of recovered recycled
raw material)


of our packagings will be
more sustainable than
today by 2023

Raw materials and product range

More and more demanding every day in the selection of raw materials, we work meticulously on the materials that make up our articles to guarantee a sustainable and healthy rest. That is why we not only select the best quality materials for our products, but we also demand that all of them are certified. This provides us with traceability of origin and chain of custody.


We are committed to local sourcing in order to limit imports of raw materials, minimising the level of pollution from transport. We have numerous ongoing innovation and development projects in collaboration with local manufacturers and producers with the aim of obtaining local raw materials.


Materials that make up our garments mainly, according to their origin:

  • Natural:  we maximise the use of natural raw materials such as cotton or wool, in order to transfer their absorption, thermo-regulation or breathability qualities to the product.
  • Renewable:  we promote the use of renewable natural resources, such as bamboo or lyocell, which are able to recover in a short period of time without endangering their survival.
Reciclaje 2
  • Recycled:  we use recycled raw materials to promote the circular economy and thus reduce the consumption of virgin resources, while also reducing the level of emissions. Velfont products are made from 2 types of recycled materials, depending on their origin:
  • Pre-consumer, obtained from industrial waste, such as that used for our 90% recycled, waterproof and breathable polyurethane film.


    Post-consumer, obtained from waste generated after consumption. For example, plastic bottles recovered from the environment are treated and transformed into 100% recycled polyester fiber, which we use in our duvet fillings and pillows. It is estimated that around 10 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year.


Production process and operations

We work on the continuous improvement of all the phases of our production process and the rest of our operations. Projects already implemented:


Local production: we contribute to the development of the local textile sector, making Km 0 garments. In addition, we work with local producers to develop raw materials to replace imported ones.

Installation of solar panels: our plant has solar or photovoltaic panels that produce electricity from sunlight, an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Vertical integration: thanks to direct control over all stages of the process, we achieve total end-to-end visibility, from the procurement of raw materials to the preparation of orders for dispatch.

Optimisation of resources: reduction in the consumption of raw materials thanks to an exhaustive control of wastage during the production process and batches/material rotation, with an impact on the volume of waste generated due to obsolescence.

  • Green Power: improvement of the warehouse and plant layout for duvets and padded protectors to minimise operator movements.

    Collaboration with workshops for labour reintegration: we delegate part of the handling operations to reintegration workshops for people at risk of social exclusion.

    Sustainable best practices: for Velamen, the solution lies in all of us. For this reason, the teams that work in the production, logistics and office centres always apply the sustainability Best Practices to generate the smallest volume of waste and promote recycling, reduce energy consumption, water and office materials such as paper or printer ink.

    ISO 9001 Certification – Quality Management System: we work with strict quality standards certified and aligned with our sustainability policy. These ensure that our processes are standardized and under a rigorous control and continuous improvement protocol.

    ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management: to ensure that we achieve the desired quality and environmental standards year after year, we continuously undergo audits to certify our environmental performance. In 2021 we have been audited for ISO 14001 Certification.

Washing and maintenance of your Velfont products

You can easily contribute to the environment by always washing your clothes at the lowest possible temperature. Whatever the composition of your garment, and even if it allows very high washing temperatures, if you wash it at a low temperature you will be extending its useful life and doing your bit for the planet. Also avoid the use of chemical products such as bleach, because of their high level of contamination.


Our products are evolving to better meet consumer needs, but we are equally concerned about the impact of our packaging. For this reason, we are continuously working to develop more environmentally friendly alternatives. By 2022 all our packaging will move towards recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging, reducing the use of plastics. Initiatives:

Caja pack 1

More cardboard boxes, fewer plastic bags.

We encourage the use of FSC-certified packaging made from sustainably grown cardboard.

Reciclaje 2

Recycled plastic bags and reels for products that cannot be boxed due to their shape.


Reusable bags. Woven bags designed to cover new functionalities beyond packaging. Some of them even come from the production waste of the products themselves, as in the case of the Respira bag. Discover them and give them a second life as tidying bags, travel bags, breakfast bags, organisers, etc.



Our guarantee

Technology, Innovation and Team are the pillars of Planet Care by Velfont, a project with a start date, but no end date: progress towards a more sustainable planet is here to stay.

Excited to take on our 2022 challenges, we want to be a transparent brand and objectively communicate our progress in terms of sustainability. And in this sense, certifications are our best guarantee. Independent international organisations that certify our social and environmental performance.

International standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS)


Products and raw materials

To ensure maximum transparency regarding the origin and traceability of the chain of custody, we require all our raw materials to be certified.

Certifications are a guarantee of their properties and provenance, and ensure that all our suppliers show the same respect for the planet as we do. This is our way of ensuring that Velamen’s sustainability principles are applied from the origin to the end of the chain. Main certifications:

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