Respira pillowcase

Waterproof and hyper-breathable pillowcase made with 100% organic cotton fabric

The Velfont Respira waterproof and hyper-breathable pillowcase is made with 100% organic combed cotton and GOTS certified thread, extra soft and very pleasant to the touch. This pillowcase has a dual function, as it can be used as a pillowcase and sleep directly on it, and can also be used as a protective pillowcase, as its waterproof and hyper-breathable Neotherm® membrane protects the pillow against liquids, allowing the skin to perspire and providing a sweat-free sleep. In addition, its membrane forms a physical barrier that protects the pillow from dust mites.


The Neotherm membrane, exclusive in Velfont products, makes our waterproof products the most breathable in the market. That is, by sleeping on them, the vapour that our body releases evaporates more easily, thus achieving a comfortable and sweat-free rest. The Respira pillowcase is easy to fit thanks to its zipper closure and is machine washable.


This pillowcase is ideal for people who are looking for organic products and want to combine waterproofing with a sweat-free sleep.

Ideal for:

New mattress
I have pets