Denver Eco duvet

Duvet with extra soft microfiber fabric

The Velfont Denver Eco duvet is made of extra soft touch plain microfiber fabric. The filling of this duvet is made of Neotherm Eco hollow conjugated siliconized recycled fiber, which has the same thermal, touch and recovery properties as virgin fiber, but reduces the amount of waste we generate on the planet, saving virgin raw material. Made with horizontal ribbing and all-round outer trim.


The Denver duvet is available in weights of 125 g/m² (recommended for spring-summer), 250 g/m² (recommended for autumn), 400 g/m² (recommended for winter) and DUO: 125 g/m² + 250 g/m² (two duvets that can be used all year round separately or together with a snap system).


This duvet is ideal for people looking for softness and comfort.

Ideal for:

My kid sleeps in a single bed
New mattress
730060 (125) 730065 (250) 730070 (400) 730071 (DUO)_edredon_nordico_denver_eco_D_2


730060 (125 g/m²) / 730065 (250 g/m²) / 730070 (400 g/m²) / 730071 (DUO)


150 x 220 cm, 180 x 220 cm, 220 x 220 cm, 240 x 220 cm, 260 x 240 cm, 280 x 240 cm


Fabric: 100% polyester microfiber
Filling: 100% polyester with Neotherm® Eco hollow conjugated siliconized recycled fiber


Recurso 2 125 g/m²
Recurso 3 250 g/m²
Recurso 4 400 g/m²
Recurso 5 Duo (125 + 250 g/m²)

Washing conditions:


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