Basic Waterproof Quilted mattress protector

Quilted mattress protector with 100% cotton outer fabric and polyethylene laminate - Waterproof.

The Velfont Basic Waterproof Quilted mattress protector is made with 100% absorbent and breathable cotton fabric on the upper side and laminated in polyethylene on the lower side. It also incorporates a border made of 100% cotton fabric. The polyethylene laminate makes this quilted mattress protector waterproof, providing all-round protection against liquids. This laminate also acts as an effective physical barrier against dust mites as they cannot penetrate into the mattress. This quilted mattress protector fits mattress lengths up to 200 cm and mattress heights up to 30 cm.


The Velfont Basic Waterproof Quilted mattress protector is fitted with an elastic band around the perimeter of the mattress pad for perfect support during the night to prevent unwanted displacement; it also incorporates an outer trim for a better finish. This quilted mattress protector increases comfort by relieving pressure on the points of contact with our body and achieving a better rest thanks to its filling with Neotherm hollow conjugated siliconized fiber. All Velfont quilted mattress protectors favour the air circulation inside the mattress, eliminating the humidity that may accumulate and allowing the correct transpiration.


This quilted mattress protector is ideal for people looking for natural fabrics combined with waterproofing.

Ideal for:

My kid sleeps in the cot
No more nappies