Anti-dust mite

Anti-dust mite cot mattress cover

Waterproof mattress cover with Acarsan® anti-dust mite treatment

The waterproof and breathable anti-dust mite mattress cover is made of high quality fabric that incorporates the Acarsan Natural® anti-dust mite treatment made from plant extracts. It has been scientifically tested and retains its properties after repeated washing for optimal protection during your baby’s rest.


This mattress cover combines total impermeability with a high degree of breathability, providing the baby with a sweat-free sleep thanks to its polyurethane laminate. It also offers complete protection of the mattress against dust mites, bedbugs and all kinds of parasites. It is easy to fit as it incorporates a U-shaped zip, which hermetically envelops the mattress, protecting it on all sides from dirt, dust, liquids and any other external factor that could damage it.


The whole Velfont anti-dust mite range is certified by the prestigious British foundation Allergy UK, as well as by the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), which guarantees that the Velfont Acarsan Natural® range reduces the proliferation of dust mites, maintaining its effectiveness throughout the washes.


This anti-dust mite effectiveness after washing has been clinically tested by TEC (Technique Environnement Consultants), a European reference laboratory in the study of dust mites.


This cover is ideal for parents looking for waterproof and dust mite protection to ensure their baby’s healthy sleep.

Ideal for:

My kid sleeps in the cot
No more nappies