3-layer Alma mattress protector

Waterproof 3-layer Cotton mattress protector

The Velfont Waterproof 3-layer Alma mattress protector is made with cotton fabric with maximum softness and freshness on both sides. Its Neotherm membrane is hidden between the two layers and makes it a waterproof and breathable product, providing complete protection against liquids and dust mites, as the membrane acts as a physical barrier preventing them from penetrating the mattress.


This mattress protector protects the mattress in a practical and comfortable way, as it fits like a fitted sheet. The 3-layer Alma mattress protector fits mattress lengths up to 200 cm and mattress heights up to 30 cm.


This protector is ideal for people looking for natural cotton fabrics that combine waterproofness and breathability.

Ideal for:

My kid sleeps in a single bed
New mattress