Waterproof & Hyper-breathable Bamboo cot mattress protector


Waterproof and hyper-breathable mattress protector made of 100% bamboo terry cloth.

The Velfont Waterproof and Hyper-breathable mattress protector is made from 100% bamboo terry cloth, ensuring maximum absorbency, softness and freshness. This mattress protector combines full waterproof protection with the greatest breathability on the market for waterproof products, thanks to its Neotherm® membrane. Exclusive to Velfont products, this membrane enables perspiration to evaporate more easily to ensure a comfortable sleep without sweating for the baby.

Velfont mattress protectors safeguard your baby’s mattress practically and comfortably, as they adjust just like a fitted bed sheet. Made from high quality, extremely absorbent bamboo terry cloth using natural raw materials, they ensure that the mattress is protected from liquids and provide an effective barrier against germs and bacteria.

This mattress protector is ideal for: parents looking for maximum absorbency, freshness and waterproof protection for their baby.

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Fabric: 80% bamboo - 20% polyester
(100% bamboo terry cloth)
Base: waterproof and hyper-breathable Neotherm® membrane

Care instructions

Key points

- Fabric: 100% bamboo terry cloth that gives great absorbency
- Waterproof and hyper-breathable
- Softness and natural freshness

Maximum absorption guaranteed
Avoids heat & perspiration

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