Frost mattress protector


Mattress protector made from 100% thermo-regulator cotton fabric.

The Velfont Frost mattress protector is made from 100% thermo-regulator cotton, which uses the most advanced technology developed by NASA with cotton fabric, to obtain unique products on the market. This mattress protector is made with our exclusive 100% thermo-regulator cotton that provides a buffer from the variations in temperature and humidity that we experience over the course of the night. It absorbs, stores and releases the heat that our body emits, creating an individualized comfort zone. It provides a constant microclimate which is neither too cold nor too hot.

The 100% cotton Thermo-regulator mattress protector adapts to mattress lengths up to 200 cm and heights up to 35 cm. Velfont mattress protectors safeguard the mattress practically and comfortably, as they adjust just like a fitted bed sheet.

This mattress protector is ideal for: people who experience changes in temperature during the night.

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Fabric: 100% Outlast® cotton

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Key points

- Exclusive 100% thermo-regulator cotton fabric
- Buffers sudden changes of temperature during the night
- Not too cold, not too hot
- For mattress heights up to 35 cm and lengths up to 200 cm

Not to hot not to cold
100% new fabric cotton

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