ECO AQUA Mattress protector


Waterproof and hyper-breathable molton mattress protector made of GRS certified recycled cotton.

The mattress protector ECO AQUA combines maximum breathability and impermeability with GRS certified recycled materials, which places it as a pioneer in technology but also in commitment to our planet.

The fibers used for its manufacture come from post-consumer reuse of cotton without utility and that pose a potential ecological risk to the environment.

Velfont mattress protectors safeguard the mattress practically and comfortably, as they adjust just like a fitted bed sheet, providing an effective physical barrier against germs and bacteria.

This mattress protector is ideal for: people commited to the envireonment looking for soft feeling and waterproof protection.



Fabric: 100% cotton
Base: 100% polyurethane

Care instructions

Key points

- Waterproof & hyper-breathable
- Anti-dustmite barrier
- GRS certified

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