Bicolor Nordicolor duvet


Duvet with coloured, extra-soft touch microfiber fabric.

The Velfont Bicolor Nordicolor® duvet is made from brightly coloured silky soft microfiber fabric. The filling of the duvet is top quality Neotherm® hollow conjugated siliconized fiber, which ensures the perfect combination of thermal capacity and comfort. The Bicolor Nordicolor® duvet is reversible and available in a wide range of colour combinations: brown-orange, brown-ecru, anthracite-violet, purple-pink and navy blue-sky blue.

This duvet is made with horizontal curvilinear fluting and a coloured outer trim all around the edge. Therefore, our duvet can be used with either face upwards to match the decoration of our bedroom as we like. It is available in 300 g/m² (recommended for autumn-winter).

This duvet is ideal for: people looking for softness, comfort and bright colours.



Fabric: 100% polyester microfiber
Filling: 100% Neotherm® polyester hollow conjugated siliconized fiber

Care instructions

Key points

- Silky soft duvet
- Reversible (combines 2 colours)
- Comfortable
- Thermal comfort
- Available in 300 g/m² (recommended for autumn-winter)

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