Anti-bed bug matress cover


Anti-bed bug mattress cover

The anti-bed bug mattress cover incorporates a certified natural treatment developed by Proneem® with proven effectiveness against bed bugs.

Its pure vegetable-based ingredient is harmless to the skin and can repel bed bugs without chemical pesticides.

Full protection thanks to Velfont’s exclusive airtight manufacture and the Velcro safety closure that guarantees improved protection of your mattress.

Extendable for mattresses up to 200 cm in length and adaptable to heights of up to 30 cm.

An ideal cover for people seeking effective protection against bed bugs.



Fabric: 100% polyester
Base: 100% polyurethane

Care instructions

Key points

- Certified Proneem® bed bug treatment
- Hermetic cover with airtight zip
- Velcro safety closure

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