Natural Acarsan pillow


Natural Acarsan® anti-dustmite fiber pillow made from cotton fabric.

This pillow is ideal for people who are allergic to dustmites as it is made from hollow conjugated fiber filling that incorporates the Natural Acarsan® anti-dustmite treatment with vegetable extracts, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which is scientifically tested and fully wash-resistant. This pillow is specifically designed for people who are allergic to dustmites or who want to ensure a healthy sleep.

This pillow is ideal for: people of a medium stature who sleep on their back, people of a large stature who sleep on their stomach and people of a small stature who sleep on their side.

The Spanish Society of Allergology and Immunology, SEAIC (Sociedad Española de Alergología e Inmunología Clínica, in Spanish) and the British Allergy Foundation (Allergy UK) certify that the Velfont products with Natural Acarsan® treatment, reduce dustmites exposition since they limit their development. They are not irritating for the skin and keep their effectiveness after several washes.

The effectiveness of this pillow after several washes has been scientifically tested by TEC (Technique Environnement Consultants), one of the reference laboratories in the EU studying dustmites.

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Fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% polyester hollow conjugated fiber with Natural Acarsan® anti-dustmite treatment.

Care instructions

Key points

- Single-cover pillow
- 100% cotton fabric
- Acarsan® hollow conjugated fiber filling
- Wash resistant anti-dustmite treatment
- Machine washable
- Specially recommended for people of a medium stature who sleep on their back

Neo therm
Scientifically tested
On your back
Medium stature
Medium pillow

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