About us

Since 1971, taking care of your nightly rest

VELAMEN, S.A. is a Spanish firm specializing in the manufacture and marketing of textile products for the home. Thanks to our extensive experience and high degree of specialization, VELAMEN, S.A. meets the requirements of the most demanding customers by offering a product for every need. VELAMEN, S.A. uses the most advanced textile technologies and is fully committed to innovation, in order to anticipate market needs by encouraging the consumption of high quality household linen.


Providing people with healthy and satisfying rest, by developing and distributing innovative high-quality home textile products. We strive for excellence in processes, products, organization and image. The company is market-oriented and, by identifying consumer trends, we regularly release innovative and high quality products.

Social sensitivity

At VELAMEN, S.A. we like to evolve and achieve positive results, but always taking into account the social, environmental and economic impact on our society. Part of the manufacturing takes place in social reintegration textile workshops. These are workshops for people at risk of social exclusion, where they are given the opportunity to work and learn a trade. VELAMEN, S.A. is a member of SEDEX, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to ensure that companies act responsibly and ethically throughout their entire production chain worldwide. VELAMEN, S.A. is audited annually following the SMETA social audit protocol.


Velamen worldwide

The Velfont range currently includes: