From the cot to the child’s bed

Parents with children in a year and a half to three years are asking, “It’s time to move my child from a crib to a toddler bed?Maybe because we see that the crib is too small or because we expect another deal baby, surely it’s time to make this decision.

But how do we know it’s the right time?

The first symptom is when we see our son wanted to leave on their own in the crib or the child is uncomfortable in the crib. Sometimes it is as easy as our son tells us, “Mom, I want a big boy bed!”

Create a pleasant sleep environment

The most important thing is to prepare an environment of adequate rest and avoid the child takes it as a moment of displacement, we could get negative. Ideally, the child lives change as a great experience where he is the protagonist.

It is vitally important to create an environment where children feel comfortable and an environment where he can sleep properly every night.

The first important decision is: What kind of bed is the best? A child’s bed or crib mattress baby mattress or directly to a bed with mattress adult

The decision is in our hands, one is not better than the other, depend on what we believe may be more favorable for our son from the available resources (economic, space ..).

Whichever option we choose is important that the mattress is not synthetic fabrics. Without doubt, always bet on 100% natural materials.

Childproof: What we have to remove, put, covered or protected to keep the child in an environment as safe as possible?

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is essential to a time of change as important as changing the bed. Mattress protectors are elements that will protect the bed of liquids, dirt and other potential damage to the mattress of a toddler.

Gone are the old and mattress protectors, these elements noisy, we were getting overheated and sweaty and chased us all night, protecting the mattress but not the rest of the child. The best practice would be a breathable waterproof mattress cover or a breathable waterproof anti-dustmite mattress protector, which shall at all times a dry and free of hot, sweaty and noisy, which prevents fluids from reaching the mattress, but allows the skin to breathe .

Remember, it is best to accustom your child to a sleep routine and will be much easier getting used to.

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