Elastic Terry Cotton fully enclosed mattress cover


Elastic Terry Cotton fully enclosed mattress cover.

The Velfont Elastic Terry Cotton fully enclosed mattress cover is made from top quality 100% cotton terry cloth that is extremely absorbent and elastic. This cover ensures the complete hygiene of the mattress as it provides comprehensive protection. It is easy to fit thanks to the elasticity of the fabric and its U-shaped zip that hermetically seals the mattress.

This cover adapts to mattress lengths up to 200 cm and different mattress heights.

It is also available as an adjustable half cover.

Colours: white and blue.

This mattress cover is ideal for: people looking for absorbency and a hygienic sleep.

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Additional information




Fabric: 80% cotton - 20% polyester
(100% cotton terry cloth)

Care instructions

Key points

- Stretchable cover
- Hygiene and absorbency

Maximum absorption guaranteed

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